Animation & Campaign

The central message communicated through the audio is how people can change their own health through working together and also taking some responability for their own actions. The vechicle for this message is an animation with a large dose of comedy which is also the way to have viewers keep an open mind to change.

Using imagery of Victorian people the animation seeks to show the absurd situation we are currently in, in relation to healthcare institutions and also peoples own mentality. The issue to addressis not the healthcare itself but the actual mentality and it involves changing the way we think, which the characters throughout the animation do by working together to help with each others problems.

At the end of the animation, we are shown the people themselves are not actually Victorian but their ideals and thoughts abouts healthcare are.When faced with the absurd situation the viewer will laugh but on re ection some will nd that they themselves are also of a Victorian mindset and question their own attitudes to health.

The primary colours while being friendly and colourful, also communicate that this message is the basics.The font choices of a modern geometric typeface hint as being in the modern world, while most of the old style thinking is shown through a oldstyle Fraktur typeface.

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